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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.




1. Refers to various activities that organizations such as companies carry out for creating mechanism that sell products, such as market research, advertising activities based on that research, and verifying the effects of those activities.

2. Refers to all activities for creating mechanisms to sell products, such as researching users’ needs, and deciding on the content of the products and services themselves, as well as advertising methods.


Refers to empty space.


Minimal Design

Design that leaves out all unnecessary elements and expresses what a company wants to convey with the minimum necessary.


Unsewn Binding

A kind of binding method. With unsewn binding, the binding is carried out by hardening the back part of the quire with binding paste.
This method lets you create space in the back, in which you can place text.



Refers to all adjusting work, such as printing, cutting, and binding, that is carried out in order to take the final proofed data and turn it into manuscript data that can be used for printing.



Refers to patterns that are used repeatedly in a design theme.


Refers to monochrome, pictures drawn with only one color, as well as one color.


Refers to models that were created in mostly the same way as the actually produced items.

Mobile First

Refers to prioritizing ease of use on mobile devices rather than PCs.


Morisawa Inc. is the font manufacturer with the highest market share.

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