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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.



In the modern era, typography refers to all actions to arrange text in a visually appealing and easy to read manner, including font type, size selection, and character set, as well as methods for treating text as a part of design expression.


Refers to using die cuts of plastic boards, thick paper, or cardboard to punch them out into various shapes.

Publication Draft

Refers to a table that allocates what to be done with the contents of a page. It is a blueprint for books and magazines. It is also called pagination.


Refers to messages that convey to users, in an easy to understand manner, the company philosophy or company concept. In contrast to catch copy, which are advertising messages that narrow down the target audience for a product or service, a tagline consists of words for widely communicating the value that a company can provide to users.


Arranging printed material to be its finished size by cutting out any unnecessary portions. This term also refers to cut out parts.


The generic name for a pen-shaped mouse that lets you express with sensations that are close to handwriting. You can also adjust the pen pressure with them. wacom is the representative manufacturer in this field.


Refers to wall decorations of tapestry. In design workplaces, curtains that use highly durable tarpaulin materials are called “tapestry.” These are mainly used as outdoor advertising materials.


This word originally meant “replacement for the original.” However, in design workplaces, this term is used for temporary text and images that are laid out on the pre-finalized manuscript. Dummies for manuscripts are called “dummy texts,” and dummies for illustrations are called “dummy illustrations.”

Warm Colors

Warm color is the generic name for colors that give of a warm and lively image, such as red, yellow, and orange.


Refers to vinyl sheets in which polyester or nylon has been coated with a vinyl chloride resin.



This term refers to things that act as connecting points for companies and users. This includes sales channels, distribution channels, and communications channels, and the medium and pathway is different for each.

Narrow Text

Refers to narrowing the horizontal width of text and making it vertically longer. This technique is mainly used when text cannot fit in to a design, and is often called “narrowing the text.”

Bird's Eye View

Refers to a perspective that looks down on something diagonally from above. This term is sometimes used when photographing.


The rights that the creator of a work has. Through copyright, creators can grant permission for using their works and decide who can use their works.


Leaflets were originally scattered on the streets. Now, one sheet cutouts of thin advertising materials, such as leaflets distributed on the streets and insert advertisements in newspapers are called leaflets.


Dummy Book

A book sample manufactured in the same specifications as the created book. This dummy book is created to accurately grasp the thickness, weight, and dimensions of the book.

Two-Tone Color

Refers to a color scheme that uses two colors. There are various patterns, including two colors of similar light and shade, and combinations of two colors that are in completely different groups.


Teaser Advertisement

Refers to advertisements that announce information on products and services in small fragments to draw the interest of consumers.


Examples of textures include sparkly, rough, and rugged.

Digital Novelty Item

Refers to novelty items that users can receive and use as data, such as downloadable character LINE stamps and limited edition illustrations.


Generally refers to electronic parts, machines, and peripheral equipment. However, this term also refers to devices that lets users view movies (such as televisions, PCs, smartphones, and tablets).


Refers to expressions that deform drawn subjects and exaggerate their features.

Duo Tone

Refers to designs created with only two complementary colors, or techniques for creating such designs.


Special Color Printing

Refers to printing that uses specially combined “special color ink” in order to express colors that cannot be recreated by CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

Dominant Colors

Means “color schemes dominated by hues.” Refers to color schemes that are unified with the same hues.


Basically refers to punching out a mold in a box shape. However, can also refer to the frame type data of a package.


Refers to the actual actions taken to solve problems, as well as the process behind those actions, and methodology.


Another name for trimming is “hemming.” In design workplaces, this refers to cutting out unnecessary parts of an image.


A proofreading term. It is used in instructions such as “delete the unnecessary text and symbols, and pack the empty parts.”

Crop Mark

Refers to a mark that is added to make the finished size and printing scope easier to understand.

Tone and Manner

Often used to mean the overall mood of a design.

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