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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.



Color Scheme

Work that places and composes colors. Also refers to colors that have been composed.


An art school that operated in the German city of Weimar from 1919 to 1933. It comprehensively taught several subjects such as design, technical art, and architecture. The school produced many artists and architects who would go on to be pioneers of modern design. Because of that, it has a huge influence on the current architecture and design industries.

Foil Stamping

Refers to a special kind of printing that transfers foil, such as gold foil and silver foil, onto paper with a press machine that uses heat and pressure. Hot stamping is another name for this process.

Banner Advertisement

One kind of advertisement displayed on websites. With banner advertisements, companies can display images and videos regarding their products and services on spaces provided online, including search engines such as Google and Yahoo, as well as various websites.
These images and videos draw users’ interest, and lead them to websites for a company’s products and services.


Versatile things can be used in a wide range of various fields.


Another term for booklets. Many refers to a style of publication that does not include a hard cover.


Visual Identity

Refers to things that visualize the company philosophy, brand, and products, such as logos, colors, and characters. By unifying these elements, awareness of them within the company, as well as the image and awareness outside of the company, are unified. Visual identity helps company activities be conducted more in a more beneficial manner.
Visual identity is also one element in constructing a corporate identity.


Various actions, conditions, and ideas can be expressed with pictographs and symbols. This includes wheelchair marks and no smoking marks.
Using pictograms lets you express various things without using words.



1. Refers to various activities that increase the value of products and services for users.
By distinguishing your company from the competition using branding, you can more effectively proceed with activities in various situations, such as PR, sales promotions, and attracting customers.
As a concrete example, when you think of fast food you probably think of McDonald’s. And when you think of carbonated beverages, you probably think of Coca-Cola. The fact that certain store names and product names come to mind like this shows the results of a company’s branding activities.

2. Refers to activities that increase the value of not only luxury goods, but also products, services, people and organizations for users by building sympathy and trust towards them.
By establishing a brand, a company can create differences between them and their competition. And a company’s products and services having value aside from just price and quality can lead to more effective sales promotions.

Flock Printing

Refers to a special printing process in which the printed surface is finished with a texture similar to felt.


Refers to renumeration and handling fees.


Vector Format

The term vector format refers to a method in which images, text, and data are digitized and recorded.
Because it can be expanded and reduced without a degradation in image quality, the vector format is used in various media (such as printed materials, pictures created for websites).
It’s suitable for simple illustrations such as maps. However, for complicated images such as photographs, the digits become quite complex, so software may be unable to finish the process and ends up crashing.



The generic name for work that involves editing and finishing videos after they are filmed.

White Space

Refers to empty space that does not have images, text, or other elements. Empty space helps to preserve the visually appealing look of a design.

Machine Color Proofing

Refers to color proofing that is done using the same paper, ink, and printer as when the printed materials are actually printed.

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