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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.




Along with hue and brightness, this is one of the three attributes of color. It means how vivid a color is. The higher a color’s saturation, the more vivid it appears, and the lower the saturation, the more subdued it appears.


A design style. The state of being high on a hallucinogen is called “psychedelic,” so surreal designs that use a multitude of fluorescent colors and rich colors are called “psychedelic designs” or “psyche.”

Digital Signage

Refers to electric billboards and posters installed in stations and other places.
One feature of such signage is that you do not need paper, as it can not only incorporate still images, but also show video.


A thumbnail is a displayed image reduced in size, such as an image for a product list on an online shopping site.

Sans Serif Type

In French, this term means “no serif” (lines), and just as the name indicates, this Western font has no decorations called “serif.” The thickness of both the vertical and horizontal lines are uniform, and it corresponds to Gothic type in Japanese.

Geometric Design

Geometric means “characterized by regular lines and shapes.” Refers to geometric designs that use geometric shapes.

Test in Color Coordination

Held by the Test in Color Coordination Association, this exam tests your color knowledge and skills.

Sizzle Feel

Refers to expressions that stimulate user’s desire to purchase something, such as vibrancy, freshness, and vividness. It is frequently used regarding photographs of food.
Let’s take a steak photograph as an example. In this case, a sizzle feel would interweave appetizing expressions into the photograph, such as the steam emitting from the cooked meat, or the sauce boiling from the heat of the iron grill.


Refers to how easy it is to confirm something when seen with your eyes.


A literary and art movement that is thought to have begun in 1919, in the period between the two World Wars. Indicates a movement that used literature and art to express a world of thoughts beyond our reality.


The generic name for pamphlets, booklets, short anthologies, and other small sized books with small page counts.

Wood-Free Paper

Paper that has been manufactured with 100% synthetic pulp, and that has not been coated with paint.

First Proof

Refers to the first proofreading work for printed materials, or paper that was printed first.


Refers to the state of right and left being symmetrical. If right and left are not symmetrical, this is referred to as asymmetry.


Stock Photo

Refers to photographs and illustrations that are prepared in advance and frequently used in different situations.
There are several services that provide stock materials, and they maintain collections of photographs and illustrations that are suitable for various situations.

Stock Footage

Refers to video materials that have already been recorded.


Refers to black, the color which corresponds to the K in CMYK.

Reading the Second Draft

Refers to reading and proofreading the proof print without referencing the manuscript.


Refers to your company keeping a copy of the printed materials delivered to the client as some materials, or the printed materials themselves.


OK with Corrections

Refers to when the printing company or editor takes responsibility for the final corrections and final proofreading.

Serif Type

Refers to a typeface that has ornaments on the tips and edges of the letters and symbols.

Dye Ink

Ink with thin paint particles and that has dye pigment melted in water. The ink permeates well in the paper, and finishes with vivid coloring, so it is suitable for photograph printing.



This term can refer to work that prepares the book appearance, such as the cover design and binding when manufacturing a book, but it also generally means all aspects of a book’s design.


A phenomenon in which excessive exposure reverses the whites and blacks of an image, when developing a film photograph. This term also refers to a photography expression method that uses that phenomenon.

Social Design

Generally refers to designs that are created to improve society, or the methods for making such designs. More specifically, community development, the construction and installation of societal infrastructure, and proposals for societal systems can all be considered as social design.

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