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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.



Seven Color Printing

A printing method that uses 7 colors in total - the 4 colors of CMYK and the 3 distinctive colors of RGB. Though this method can vividly recreate those colors, it costs more time and money than other methods.



A process mainly used to prevent dirt from forming on the cover and front page, and to raise water resistance.

Sending Manuscript to the Printer

Originally, this expression referred to the author receiving the manuscript, or to the other handing over the manuscript. However, now this expression also refers to the printing process for the manuscript.



Also referred to as outline characters on a colored background. The state of text and ornaments being white in the image or on a background with color.


Refers to extending the design on the outer side from the cutoff line of the printed material, or the stretched parts themselves. Bleeding is an essential process when printing without edges.


Native Speaker

A person who speaks, reads, and writes a language as their mother tongue.

Negative Space

Empty space in design. This term does not just refer to white space. Negative space also refers to space without text or content in designs that have backgrounds.

Foundry Proof

Refers to another proofreading done just in case. Used to mean the final check.



Means the opposite of “omission.” Refers to when text, such as captions, overlaps on photographs when printed.


Refers to the middle portion with binding when opening a book or booklet. In addition, the term “binding space” refers to empty space taken on the binding so as to not interfere with the design.

Novelty Item

Refers to a sales promotion item distributed with the aim of advertising a company’s products and services.


Refers to numbers that indicate the page number in printed materials that span several pages.

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