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Design Glossary

Here we simply introduce design terminology!

This glossary explains terminology that is often used regarding productions that Design Partner handles.



Eye Catch

Refers to visual elements that get viewers’ attention.


A word that means graphics. Usually refers to pictures and illustrations that indicate functions in personal computer and smartphone applications.


Refers to work that frames an outline around text, and that is for preventing garbled text and font changes in printing.


This word is used when assigning and dividing roles in business situations. The expression “assigning a designer” is often used in the design industry.

Rough Materials

Refers to photographs, diagrams, and illustrations that are used temporarily.

Anchor Text

Refers to text displayed in links that go to other web pages from the page you are currently viewing. By simply writing the page content of the link destination, you can improve the SEO for your site.


Refers to things that create connections between companies and users, as well as things that strengthen existing connections.


This word means “the person who designs.” In the IT industry, technicians who design and construct systems are called “system architects.”

Art Paper

A kind of coated paper, this lustrous paper is coated with white pigment on both sides. It is mainly used in covers for magazines and catalogs that want to show their photographs in a visually appealing way.

Art Director

Refers to the person responsible for supervising visual expressions in productions for advertisements and graphic designs, and for assembling a production team.

Art Deco

An art style that was born in France between the 1910s and 1930s, and that became popular in Europe and America. It features modern designs that frequently use geometric lines and symbols. Art Deco gained popularity as a rational alternative of the Art Nouveau style, which featured organic and asymmetric designs.

Art Nouveau

An art style that became widespread throughout Europe from the end of the 19th century to the 20th century. Art nouveau features organic curves and decorations that symbolize flowers, plants, and ivy, and its use expanded to various fields such as furniture and architecture.



An adobe application used when designing. As a drawing tool used for design, including illustration production, logos, advertising, and packaging, it is used in several fields such as the printing industry.

Solid Color

On printing sites, this term refers to the state of each CMYK color ink being painted 100%.


A printing method in which printing is carried out by directly spraying particulate ink on paper.


A sudden but accurate and deep understanding of something. But in marketing, “insight” refers to consumer’s unconscious true feelings and desires.


Mainly refers to the table of contents and index in paper mediums. Online, index refers to the top page of a website.

Index Page

Here, “index” has a meaning like “title,” and this term refers to a page like a table of contents where the published content is mainly compiled in the beginning of a publication.


One way in which information and data is expressed visually. Refers to charts and tables that visually organize and graphically express information that cannot be well conveyed through text and numbers alone.


Web Design

Producing visuals such as websites and web advertisements. Refers to all tasks related to web production, such as element organization, layouts, flow line design, and producing graphics for use on sites.

Strike Through

This term refers to when ink penetrates the back of a paper when printing.


Refers to the triangular ornaments on the right edge and angles of text, which the Japanese font Ming has.


Editorial Design

Refers to work that visually organizes and edits elements in printed materials with many pages, for example catalogs, newspapers and magazines.


Refers to processing that makes designs look like they stand out. As an example in our everyday lives, you can see this embossing on numbers and figures on cash cards and credit cards.


Owned Media

Refers to internet media operated by a company, such as a company’s official website as well as social media including Twitter and Instagram.

Golden Ratio

Refers to a ratio of around 1.6 to 1, considered to be harmonious and visually appealing.

Offset Printing

Refers to printing that uses boards. The finishing is high quality, and it has excellent reproduction of photographs and colors. This printing method can also be carried out in a short time. Two features of this printing method include the ability to repeat prints after a board is made once, and being able to keep costs down the more copies you print.

Fold Mark

An instruction line indicating the location of where a printed material will be folded.

alt attribute

Refers to text information that stands in for images. It is also called “alt text.”

On Demand Printing

This printing method does not use a printing board, and instead directly outputs digital data. With this method, you can cheaply print small numbers of copies and finish them within short delivery times.

Online Storage

Refers to services that let users save their data on the internet. By saving it online, you can share your data even if you are in a faraway place, and you can also create a password if you are worried about security.

Organic Design

Organic design refers to designs that take inspiration from plants, nature and living creatures, that characterized the midcentury period of design.

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