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What is template design?

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What is template design?

What is a template? How to utilize templates

Design templates are design materials, such as backgrounds and frames, that you can use as they are or can use after processing when you create designs.
By using templates, you can simply prepare material and website designs more quickly than designing from scratch.


How to utilize design templates

There are many templates that can you obtain and use for free on the internet. With them, you can freely complete designs just by arranging elements. Many templates can be customized and processed, and can be arranged according to your preferences and purposes.

Template designs are suitable for creating business documents, leaflets and other materials that have set formats and layouts every time they are used. In addition, for website and poster design that requires above a certain quality in order to catch the eyes of many people, we recommend paid, high quality templates that can be arranged as necessary.


Caution points when using templates

With design templates, you need to arrange layout elements within backgrounds and ornaments that have been set in advance, so you get less freedom when making your designs.

Also, depending on the template, quality cannot be guaranteed. Such templates are not suitable for designs for products and services, and corporate branding. Anyone can use free templates, so note that they may be used in designs by other companies.

Difference between “royalty free” and “copyright free”

There are countless design templates on the internet. However, the usage conditions for these template differ depending on the site.
Check the usage policy beforehand, and carefully confirm the copyrights and usage scope.


What is royalty free?

Royalty free is when the copyright stays with the author. With royalty free, you can use materials and make content as many times as you like with a one time payment.
However, you must agree to beforehand, and then follow, the permitted scope of usage in order to use the materials. Carefully check the usage policy before using any materials.


What is copyright free?

Copyright free generally refers to content where the copyright has expired or been abandoned. A copyright is the right that creators hold regarding their templates. Copyright holders who have the copyrights can decide the permitted scope of use, such as whether their templates are allowed to be used for commercial purposes.
Even with free materials, the meaning of royalty free and copyright free differs greatly, so be careful.


What is +C905a permitted scope of use?

A permitted scope of use establishes the scope in which content can be used, including processing and secondary use, whether the content can be used for commercial purposes or not, and whether crediting the creator is required or not. Usage that does not follow the scope of permitted use may violate the copyright, so be careful.

Simple Design Materials that can be Used for Free

There are various kinds of design templates, such as printed materials including leaflets, catalogs, pamphlets, and business cards, and web design such as homepages. Below, we introduce free design templates by genre.

*Information on these sites is accurate as of June 1 2021.

*Check the usage policy for each site regarding the use of materials.

3 Leaflet Template Sites


Features a wide collection of stylish and high quality designs. You can choose from either Free or Pro contents. By paying the monthly free for Pro, you can use stock photographs and movies in addition to the Free templates.


This site lets you use 299 templates for free. You can easily create leaflets using PowerPoint. You can print out the created leaflets as is.


These free templates let you create professional quality leaflets. By changing the print size, you can expand their use to posters and DM.

3 Sites for Catalog and Pamphlet Design Templates


You can narrow your search down by industry and design taste, such as beauty, esthetic, school and education, and dining. You can choose from 176 templates, and a vast amount of sizes are available.

2Office Templates

This Office template site features high quality templates that you can use for free. You can choose free templates from various themes, such as restaurant, company brochures, and travel pamphlets.


This site lets you use, for free, stylish leaflets and pamphlets that can be easily edited in PowerPoint. You can choose them from color image and industry image, such as designs aimed at the welfare or chiropractic industries.

3 Sites for Business Card Templates

1Template BANK

This site features templates you can use for free. For the business card templates, you can choose ones for individuals and for businesses. You can also narrow down your search by type of image, for example “simple” or “creative.”


This site has a vast collection of business card templates that can be used for free, everything from simple designs to spectacular designs that have illustrations. Besides business cards, you can also use backgrounds and frame materials.

3Print JBF

You can choose among free business card templates, such as those used for business, design business cards, and business cards for individuals and for occupations. The site also has a collection of templates for back page designs.

3 Sites for Web Design Templates

1Free Homepage Templates

This site lets you use, for free, high quality HTML templates and WordPress themes. They can also be used for commercial purposes.


This site features free homepage templates constructed from HTML and CSS files. You can choose from various industries and themes, such as templates for dining establishments, for businesses, cute templates, and templates for beginners.

This site features design templates for easily creating high quality homepages. You can choose among categories such as responsive designs, liquid designs, and 1 column designs.

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