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Recruiting Creative Partners

We are recruiting a wide range of creative partners, from SOHO, sole proprietors, businesses, and freelance workers!

We are recruiting a wide range of creative partners in accordance with the expansion of our company’s business fields. We recruit regardless of working style – we welcome applications from SOHO, sole proprietors, businesses, and freelance workers.
We have desk sets prepare for our partners to use in our company, so you can come to our office to work.
We look forward to receiving applications from partners that can create additional value with us.

Fields we are recruiting for



Graphic designers

Graphic designers

Web designers

Web designers

Video editors

Video editors













Hair and Makeup Artists

Hair and Makeup Artists

Advertising Planners

Advertising Planners

Contract Type


We make separate contracts for each project.
When concluding a contract, you must also cconclude a non-disclosure agreement with our company.

How to Apply

Please send us your information using the following form.
We will review the information on your skills and track record that you send us. Our staff will contact you when we have a suitable project.
It would be helpful if you could write detailed information on your career history and track record.
Please send a URL that lets us see your production track record, or a portfolio, along with your application.
Please use online storage when sending us your data.
We will always value the connections we make with our partners.

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Protection of Personal Information

This site is operated and managed by PRINTS 21 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “company”).
PRINTS 21 Co., Ltd. takes on all aspects of creative work, including product planning, packaging and advertising, catalogs, books, sales promotions, web planning and production, and operations. The company has established the following, suitable privacy policy for the nature of our business activities. Regarding the personal information you provide, we follow all relevant laws while at the same time recognizing that this is important information, and take the utmost care in the protection, management and applications of this personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

“Personal information” in the company policy shown below refers to information regarding personal details of our users, and also refers to things that can identify specific individuals through company names, addresses, phone numbers, supervisor names, e-mail addresses, and other descriptions.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal information customers provide to us

Information that we ask customers to provide

For customers’ personal information, we ask you for your company name, address, phone number, supervisor name, e-mail address, and destination where products will be sent to. The information that we ask customers to provide is limited to the necessary scope in accordance with the objectives of services that the company provides.

Information acquired for service usage

For customers’ personal information, we ask you for your company name, address, phone number, supervisor name, e-mail address, and destination where products will be sent to. The information that we ask customers to provide is limited to the necessary scope in accordance with the objectives of services that the company provides.

Mechanically acquired information that was obtained by user access

We obtain the following kinds of information: your IP address used when your computer connects to the internet, information for identifying what mobile device is used, information acquired from accessing websites the company operates, such as the type of browser used and the version, the operating system, and platform. In addition, we also acquire information regarding the pages (URLs) viewed, the date they were viewed, and the products displayed or searched for. We also automatically collect and store access information acquired by using cookies and web beacon technology every time you use our services.

About Cookies

Cookies are used to provide a more convenient experience to users when they use our company’s homepage, if they use it again. However, we do not use cookies to acquire information that identifies customers personally. You can restrict the use of cookies by adjusting your browser’s settings, but please note that in that case, you may not be able to use some of the services on our homepage.

2. Objective of using customers' personal information

The use of personal information provided by customers is limited to a scope that does not deviate from the objectives of gathering that information. We gather and use personal information in the following cases.

When receiving an order for a product quotation

Objectives related to sending products, requesting payment, after-sales service, and the use of other services

When registering members

Issuing e-mail magazines

Information on campaign products

To receive, answer and answer questions from customers, and to confirm customer identities

To improve services, and to create and analyze statistical data that does not identify or specify individuals

3. Disclosure of personal information

The personal information provided will be used in accordance with the above objectives. We will not disclose this information to third parties other than subcontractors without your permission. However, if we receive an official inquiry from a judicial institution or government institution, we may disclose the personal information of users.

4. Commitment to personal information

If the company must disclose personal information to subcontractors of our business partners, the business partners and the company will determine rules regarding non-disclosure agreements, giving, receiving, preserving, returning, and disposing of personal information, and conduct fair management.

5. Revision, deletion and disposal of personal information

If there are any mistakes or changes in your personal information, or if you wish to have your personal information deleted because you have stopped using the services on the company’s homepage, the company will quickly take any necessary measures, such as revision and deletion, upon your request to the company.

6. Management of personal information

When the site keeps your personal information, it is protected with SSL (secure sockets layer), an encrypted communication function. The company has set up fair management systems internally, and we strive to ensure that personal information is not illegally handled.

7. Changes to the privacy policy

The company makes suitable reviews and revisions to this privacy policy to ensure that customers have a safe experience using our services. Revisions to the privacy policy will be quickly published on the site.

8. Inquiries

Please contact us using the information below for any personal information related inquiries.
160-0001 ANY Bldg. 6F 4-6 Kata-machi Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Prints 21, Inc.
Tel: 03-5367-1730 (Main) (Phone inquiries accepted from 10:00AM to 8:00PM)
Fax: 03-5367-1731
E-Mail :
Operations Manager: Ronpei Murofushi

Publication Date: November 1 2019

If your message doesn’t go through…

If you message doesn’t go through, feel free to inquire with us by E-mail.
Please note that you are consenting to our privacy policy when sending messages through e-mail.

For consultations and quotations, please contact us at the following address.


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